Pepsi’s : out-of-home Campaign



Concept Development
On Location Filming
In House Crew & Partners Experienced Producers


OMD Ireland introduced 7YELLOW into Pepsi’s out-of-home (OOH) formats and sampling initiatives, and enlisted us to capture content related to these activities.


In response to the challenge, 7YELLOW undertook the following actions:

  • Filming Content: 7YELLOW filmed content related to Pepsi’s OOH formats and sampling initiatives. This involved capturing the activities and experiences associated with these campaigns.


  • Content Editing: The captured content was professionally edited into multiple formats, ensuring that it could be effectively used across various media and platforms.


  • Internal Video: An internal video was requested, which would serve as a communication piece within the organisation. This video likely provided insights, updates, or highlights regarding Pepsi’s OOH and sampling initiatives.


  • Stats and Campaign Reporting: To convey campaign performance and results effectively, 7YELLOW animated statistics and campaign reporting data in the video. This likely helped internal and external stakeholders understand the impact and success of the initiatives.


As of now, we are in the process of creating this documentary, and we do not have the final results to report. However, through this project, we aim to raise awareness about the plight of refugees, provide a unique perspective on Zak Moradi’s incredible life journey, and contribute to a broader understanding of the challenges and experiences of refugees. We believe this documentary will serve as a compelling and informative narrative that will resonate with audiences and provide valuable insights into the refugee experience.