LIPTON ICE TEA -campaign



Concept Development
On Location Filming
In House Crew & Partners Experienced Producers


PepsiCo approached 7YELLOW directly with the challenge of creating a fun, engaging, and impactful video edit to promote the marketing efforts by Lipton in 2023.


In response to the challenge, 7YELLOW executed the following:


  • Video Edit: 7YELLOW produced the video edit aimed at promoting Lipton’s work in 2023. The focus was on making the content fun, engaging, and impactful.


  • Campaign Reports and Statistics: The client, PepsiCo, requested the inclusion of campaign reports and statistics in the video. These components are critical for highlighting the results and impact of the work done by Lipton.


  • Motion Graphics: 7YELLOW incorporated carefully designed motion graphics to animate the campaign reports and statistics. This approach added a dynamic and visually engaging element to the video.


The results of this project were highly positive:

  • The client, PepsiCo, expressed their delight with the video, indicating their satisfaction with the content produced by 7YELLOW.


  • The video was showcased to PepsiCo’s global team at a conference held in Dublin, emphasising the significance and impact of the video in conveying Lipton’s achievements and work in 2023.