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Killeen Castle Golf & lodges needed to amplify their presence and achieve significant results, particularly attracting new members and bookings for their new lodge accommodation situated on their signature Jack Nicklaus golf course.


To meet this challenge, 7YELLOW adopted a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included a range of services:

Digital Marketing Services: They offered a suite of services, including social media marketing, email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, and more. These services were designed to cover all aspects of online promotion and audience engagement.

Strategic Approach: 7YELLOW implemented a strategic approach, leveraging cutting-edge tools to create and execute marketing campaigns. The primary objective was to increase engagement with the audience, boost conversion rates, and, most importantly, facilitate growth for Killeen Castle.

Content Creation: 7YELLOW also played a crucial role in creating content that specifically promoted the 26 new rooms available for accommodation at Killeen Castle. The content was designed to be engaging and informative, compelling potential guests to make bookings.

THe impact

The response yielded exceptional results:

  • All 26 rooms available for accommodation at Killeen Castle were fully booked out in 2023.

This outcome demonstrates the remarkable success of the digital marketing partnership between 7YELLOW and Killeen Castle. The comprehensive approach to digital marketing, including the utilisation of various online channels and content creation, contributed to the significant increase in bookings and helped Killeen Castle fully utilise its new lodge accommodation situated on the Jack Nicklaus golf course.