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The ONE Foundation tasked us in creating a documentary about the life of Zak Moradi, focusing on his journey from growing up in a refugee camp in Kurdistan of Iraq to becoming a pillar of the community in Ireland.
To meet this challenge, we embarked on a project titled “HOME,” an intimate documentary that offers a profound insight into Zak Moradi’s remarkable life journey. Zak’s story, as narrated through the documentary, starts with his childhood in a refugee camp in Iraq and beautifully unfolds as he becomes a cherished figure within the Irish community. In Zak’s own words, “It’s about the life of a refugee and what a refugee is.” With this vision, we set out to create a documentary that would not only illuminate the extraordinary life of an individual but also shed light on the broader narrative of refugees around the world.


7YELLOW rose to the challenge by leveraging our experience and expertise gained from working with Life Festival, Body & Soul, and Electric Picnic. We collaborated with HSE’s Drugs.ie team to create special safe spaces and generate engaging content at all three of these renowned festivals.

Our comprehensive response included the following key components:

  • Branded Drugs.ie Tents: We established branded Drugs.ie tents strategically positioned within the festival grounds. These tents served as safe and welcoming spaces for festival-goers to access essential information, support, and guidance regarding drug use and safety.


  • Outreach Teams: Outreach teams were on-site at festival locations, actively engaging with the public. They provided valuable information, offered support, and facilitated the secure surrender of drugs for ‘back of house’ on-site drug checking.


  • Public Health Approach: The implementation of harm reduction measures, such as these safe spaces and drug monitoring initiatives, exemplifies a public health approach to addressing drug use at festivals. 


  • Content – We created content throughout the festival both live action on-site filming and high end interactive motion graphics. Both served as a promotion for the service at each festival.


Our efforts in creating safe spaces and promoting harm reduction at these festivals yielded tangible results:

  • 76 Hours of Harm Reduction: Across the three events, a total of 76 hours of dedicated harm reduction services. 
  • 220 Samples Provided for Analysis: As part of the initiative, 220 samples were collected by the HSE for thorough analysis.