Fad Saoil – Jack Conan Friendship


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Concept Development
On Location Filming
In House Crew & Partners Experienced Producers


Fad Saoil approached 7YELLOW with a unique challenge: to create an inspiring and heartfelt story that highlights the friendship and shared values between Jack Conan, an Irish, Leinster, and British & Irish Lions rugby player, and Steve Crosbie, the owner of Fad Saoil Saunas.

Our Response

The response emphasised several crucial aspects:

  • True Storytelling: It necessitates human connection, emotional intelligence, and dedicated production effort to intricately weave narratives and create a cohesive arc.

  • Efficiency and Adaptability: The project’s efficiency was highlighted, as it was shot in just four hours and delivered with a 1.5-day turnaround time. This demonstrated that long-form content can still be produced within tight schedules. Additionally, the content was repurposed into shorter cut-downs for organic social media, resulting in a total of over 20 videos.

  • Acknowledgment of the Digital Landscape: The response recognized that the digital landscape demands adaptability, with content repackaged for various platforms and audiences.

The Impact

The project generated significant engagement and positive responses across different social media platforms:

  • LinkedIn: The mini-documentary received 481 likes, 6 reposts, and 42 comments on LinkedIn, indicating a strong professional network engagement.
  • Instagram: On Instagram, the project garnered 716 likes and 29 comments, showcasing an enthusiastic response from the platform’s visually-oriented audience.