CocaCola: Mural & Content



Concept Development
On Location Filming
In House Crew & Partners Experienced Producers


Coke Zero aimed to launch a campaign centred around the theme that Coke Zero is “irresistible.” They sought an innovative out-of-home (OOH) advertising format to capture the attention of their audience.


7YELLOW responded to the challenge with a creative and engaging solution – a micro mural scavenger hunt. The response included various components:


  • Micro Murals: 7YELLOW proposed and executed the creation of micro murals to serve as a focal point of the campaign. These murals were designed to visually represent the concept that Coke Zero is “irresistible.”


  • Media Location Management: The response involved the strategic management of media locations, ensuring that the micro murals were placed in key areas to maximise their visibility and reach. The choice of locations was vital in ensuring that the message reached the intended audience effectively.


  • Artist and Creative Management: The team at 7YELLOW managed the artists responsible for painting the micro murals. This included overseeing the creative process to ensure the artwork effectively conveyed the campaign message.


  • Content Creation: In addition to the physical micro murals, the team also created content surrounding the campaign. This included shooting footage related to the micro mural scavenger hunt.


High-Energy Edit for Social Media: A quick, high-energy edit of the content was produced and exported in multiple formats tailored for social media platforms. This step was crucial in leveraging digital channels to extend the campaign’s reach.


The campaign generated positive results, with an impressive number of impressions on LinkedIn:

  • Over 4,000 impressions were recorded on LinkedIn, indicating significant engagement and visibility within a professional network.

These results demonstrated the effectiveness of the micro mural scavenger hunt in capturing the audience’s attention and reinforcing the message that Coke Zero is an “irresistible” beverage option. The campaign successfully combined innovative OOH advertising with a digital strategy to maximize its impact.