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Citrine Healthcare engaged 7YELLOW with the task of creating animated stories that would not only promote their products but also educate their consumers. The goal was to elevate the concept from a previous video and demonstrate how simple it can be for people to incorporate a daily skincare routine for acne into their lives.
To meet this challenge, we embarked on a project titled “HOME,” an intimate documentary that offers a profound insight into Zak Moradi’s remarkable life journey. Zak’s story, as narrated through the documentary, starts with his childhood in a refugee camp in Iraq and beautifully unfolds as he becomes a cherished figure within the Irish community. In Zak’s own words, “It’s about the life of a refugee and what a refugee is.” With this vision, we set out to create a documentary that would not only illuminate the extraordinary life of an individual but also shed light on the broader narrative of refugees around the world.


In response to this challenge, 7YELLOW developed a series of 2D animation stories from scratch, incorporating vector files of Citrine Healthcare’s products. The specific concept for one of the videos involved showcasing a teenager’s daily skincare routine in a creative and engaging way. This concept was executed as follows:


The response led to a series of successful outcomes:

  • Citrine Healthcare was delighted with the 90-second video piece created by 7YELLOW, which effectively communicated the message of a simplified daily skincare routine for acne.
  • The success of this work led to the acquisition of more contracts with Citrine Healthcare, demonstrating the value of the video content in promoting their products and educating consumers.
  • The video received significant interest and requests for sharing from Citrine Healthcare’s customers, affirming its effectiveness in capturing attention and engaging the target audience.


This project showcased the ability of 7YELLOW to create engaging and informative animated stories, driving interest, and meeting the objectives set by Citrine Healthcare.